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Iris Inn
5-color Serigraph
19" x 30 1/2"
Printed on 100% cotton archival paper
200 Limited Edition
20 Artists Proofs
Printed by Art Montgomery

The Iris Inn was commissioned by a pair of school teachers who followed their dreams and opened a Bed and Breakfast in Ashland, Oregon. What is more comforting than a vase of purple iris served with a large glass of fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning? There are very few available....

Black Iris
2-color serigraph
19" x 25"
Printed on Natural Karma
200 Limited Edition
Published 1982

This piece was commissioned by Nancy Algrim, who is a world class weaver and artist. In 1982, she had her studio and gallery in Chico, California named the Black Iris. The Sax Gallery proudly carried her work for several years. Black Iris is actually a really dark purple iris.

Elizabeth Ann Murray, Foxglove
6-color Serigraph
Printed on 100% cotton archival paper
Published 1984

This serigraph was commissioned by Elizabeth Ann Murray to celebrate her love of plants, Foxglove being one of her favorites. Elizebeth is a world renowned photographer and gardener, having worked and photographed many famous gardens, including Monet's Garden in France.

Wild Irish Pig
One color Lithograph
29" x 16"
Printed on Archival Teton Tiara
250 Limited Edition
25 Artists Proofs
Printed by Color-Ad Printers
Published 1982

This image was commissioned by Michael Jones of Carmel, California to celebrate his Irish heritage and his beloved pig "Christmas". Jeff braved attack Dobermans while sketching and photographing the pig at the ranch in Carmel Valley. "Christmas" was a gentleman swine and quite the ladies man. Many prints were lost in a fire in later years.

Cal Ling Paperworks
Sax Graphics
(An artistic collaboration)

Cal Ling Paperworks is a handmade papermaking studio where recyclables, mostly fine natural fiber rags such as cotton, linen, and silk are reprocessed to create a new form, paper. The rags are gathered, shredded, soaked in water, pulped, formed into sheets, pressed, dried, and repressed to produce the very paper this work is printed on. These poster papers are made from a very fine Japanese cotton, some of the best on the market, and should endure a few lifetimes. The various pieces of cloth and string in the blender on the poster are applied right after the wet sheet has been formed, so that the fibers bond together. Each poster is really one of a kind because of the individual placement of the pieces. Collaborative efforts are some of the best and a welcome challenge to all those involved, this poster is evidence of that. Jeff Sax has an incredibly quick eye to discern the essence of papermaking and has almost imposed the process upon the process! His graphic simplicity and fluidity account for the impact of the image and its fresh idealism. There are very few left...

Sax Gallery Anniversary Party Poster
One color print / hand touched
Printed on Natural Karma
250 Limited Edition
25 Artists Proof

This print commemorates one of the most outrageous parties ever thrown on Cannery Row. It was invite only, and was a rare blend of the who's who mixed with the homeless, and several varieties of underground characters. It is still referred to by some as the "best party they've ever been to." The party print was sold on the night of the party. The remaining prints are of historical value as this was the only public party ever thrown by Sax Gallery.

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